Big Events on a Small Scale

This is the time of year for big events. In Minnesota, one of the biggest events this time of year is Winter Carnival. There are even events within the main event, such as Ice Sculptures and the King and Queen Coronation. Imagine putting together your own small event that mimics the big event, leaving all of your guests feeling as though they have been part of the real thing, while keeping within your budget and style.

Benefits of Small Scale

As a corporation, you do not want to appear extravagant when you are attempting to attract new business or show appreciation to your current clients. A large event, such as the St. Paul Carnival or the West 7th Street Frenzy are great for citywide events. However, your business would appear wasteful to put together something so large on its own. That being said, it is still a fun and exciting concept that will get attention. Doing this type of event on a smaller scale, such as hosting a pub crawl or a game night, will let your clients and perspective clients know you enjoy thinking outside of the box.

Even creating  a party to celebrate an event within the big event, such as an Ice Sculpture night or your own King and Queen Coronation, can show your clients and prospective clients that you enjoy the culture and excitement involved in the town your business calls home, while allowing them to partake in a portion of the fun without overindulging. This can create a memorable evening that keeps you always in the back of their minds.

Why Winter?

One of the most important aspects of these types of events is that they occur during the winter months. Winter is a notoriously slow time for people to come out and socialize. Once the holidays end, the nights are long, cold, and uneventful. People tend to hunker down and wait for spring – unless you give them a reason to come out and have a good time.

You do not want your customer base to feel forgotten or allow them to forget you during these winter months. Therefore, it is essential for your business to create a reason for your customers to come out and participate in an event you are hosting. It will help you stay in the forefront of their minds throughout the year. More importantly, because you are participating in winter events, it will help you stand out from your competition, who are likely closing their doors after hours and waiting for spring.

Event Makers America is Minnesota's premier event marketing firm that specializes in helping your business create successful events throughout the entire year, including winter. Owned and operated in Minnesota, Event Makers America knows the culture and history of the area and will help your business find its niche while participating in what makes the area so wonderful. To learn more about how Event Makers America can help you plan your ongoing winter events, contact them today at (952) 927-7541.