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Planning the Perfect Summer Outing

Summer is a tough time for many businesses. People take vacations and prefer to be home with the family after a long day of work. Yet, if you go all summer without reminding people that you are open and ready to work, you may find September to be a very slow month. Therefore, summer is…
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There’s an App for That, Too

The newest industry to be lost in the app world is the event planning industry. For those who are less familiar with technology, apps do not have to be a permanent fixture on your smartphone or tablet. Temporary apps may help for a particular situation. They can then be removed upon completion of a task…
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Big Events on a Small Scale

This is the time of year for big events. In Minnesota, one of the biggest events this time of year is Winter Carnival. There are even events within the main event, such as Ice Sculptures and the King and Queen Coronation. Imagine putting together your own small event that mimics the big event, leaving all…
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