Corporate Events

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The planning of a Corporate Event begins with you and our event team. We work together to organize the event you have in mind. It might be an "Awards" Night to celebrate the success of your sales team, or your staffs ongoing dedication to the company goals. Perhaps a party of appreciation for your clients who have stuck by you through challenging times. You may want an "incentive" focus to help meet next year's goals or a black tie dinner dance for the annual holiday party. We will discuss the many possibilities with you until your event begins to unfold & your celebration comes to life. Together we will create a memorable event that "Wows" your guests; an event they will brag about until the next one begins.

We can arrange everything you need for your corporate event including but not limited to:

Create an event-appropriate atmosphere by working with us on beautiful and fun decorations. We will see the whole project through from dining cloths and centerpieces, to the final detailed decor touches.


We work with superstar entertainment and can bring to your corporate event all kinds of entertainers like singers, magicians, comedians, speakers, bands, nightclub performers, and much more.

Audio Visual

We provide state of the art audio visual equipment along with the top sound and lighting engineers.


We can provide you with delicious appetizers, intimate dining or lavish dinners of every ethnicity.

Here at Event Makers America, we relish the opportunity to overcome the challenges that present themselves during the event planning process. That is why we are the number one corporate event planner service in the city. No matter what unforeseen snag may come up during the planning of your corporate event, you need not worry. We will handle it with grace and tact.

Use our corporate event planner service for your next corporate event!

You are on your way, so let's get started!

Corporate Events


"Jesse's Party - Minnesota Governor"

Target Center
The Inaugural Celebration for Governor Jesse Ventura took place at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the Press Corp.


"An Evening with Samantha Powers"

American Refugee Committee
Samantha Powers is a Pulitzer Prize Winner from her book "A Problem from Hell" (Genocide Worldwide). It took place at the American Refuge Committee in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


"An Evening with Sabastian Junger"

The Perfect Storm
Sabastian Junger is a journalist, writer and best selling author of "The Perfect Storm" and "Fire" (films). The event was for the American Refuge Committee at the Hilton Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota.