Separate Your Summer Wedding from the Crowd

Summer wedding season is here. If you are like most people, you already have at least 3 weddings to attend between now and the end of August. And while those weddings are in full swing and will most likely be amazing, many of you will be looking for ideas for your big day for next summer. You will likely see a lot of the same things at each wedding. For instance, this year, you will notice fruit and flower centerpieces and flowers in the hair of the bride and her bridal party. You may also notice floral tablecloths and healthy, organic, locally grown food. These are amazing trends and are a lot of fun to explore. However, they are trends. We would like to offer some ideas that will not make you an outcast, but will make your wedding stand out from the trendy ideas you may see at every wedding.

Remember It’s Your Day

One way to make sure your summer wedding is different from anyone else’s day is to remember it is your day. That means that you and your groom should incorporate yourselves and your families into the details of your wedding. Small things, like a place card table surrounded by family heirlooms of those who meant the world to you and passed before this day is sentimental, memorable, and a beautiful way to honor your roots. Another way to make it your day is to incorporate your hobbies into the centerpieces. For instance, if you love the idea of fruit and flowers, but want a different take, maybe use only fruit from areas of the world you have traveled together and add other pieces to the centerpiece representing those wares of the world. Adding your story to your wedding is a beautiful sentiment to why everyone is there on that day to celebrate your love.

Have Fun

The second most important factor to make your wedding stand out is to have fun! Your wedding is about you, not the centerpieces, the food, the venue, or impressing anyone. It is your day to celebrate your love. So, have fun!  Show your silly side from the moment you announce your engagement, to the moment you send out your Thank You notes. Incorporate your fun side into every aspect of the event. Your photos should show smiles and laughter as well as love!  Your ceremony can incorporate pieces of you that are fun loving and entertaining. If you are having fun, your guests will have fun and remember the wedding as one of the best they attended. Sometimes, having fun means that you need to give up control and let a professional handle the planning, so you can enjoy the planning process. If you handle it all, you can get stressed about the smallest details that no one will remember after the day is done. Now is the time to enjoy your engagement and participate in the planning without running the business of planning your day. If you are ready to let go, contact Event Makers America at 952.927.7541 today.