There’s an App for That, Too

The newest industry to be lost in the app world is the event planning industry. For those who are less familiar with technology, apps do not have to be a permanent fixture on your smartphone or tablet. Temporary apps may help for a particular situation. They can then be removed upon completion of a task or after an important event is over. The other option is having an app that is flexible and useful in a variety of situations. Either way, the event planning industry can now offer apps that make everything run more smoothly.

The Uses

In the past, attendees at any type of event would receive a program. The longer and more complex the event, the bigger the paper program. As technology became more advanced, some of the paper programs transformed into CDs or thumb drives provided to attendees. Perhaps only a simple paper map and itinerary would be provided. Either way, the attendees would have to carry along handfuls of information for the entire event just to make sure they did not get lost and got to the sessions they wanted to attend.

To ease this process, event companies can now create an app for the event. This app can be downloaded by attendees and provide all of the necessary information to navigate the event properly. Once the app is added to your device, you can see the itinerary, map, and information about each session or event. The app allows the attendees to truly focus on the event, as opposed to having to mind the stacks of paper.

The Logistics

There are several ways to incorporate an app into the event process. An event company may develop an event-specific app that can be deleted upon the completion of the event. This may involve a little more work for the attendees, but it can make the overall management a bit less complicated. Attendees would receive a link to download the app and create a login to access the details.

The other option is the event company creates an exclusive app and adds the event to their app. Each event requires its own login information. This is provided by the event company when you register for the event. In this case, you only need to download the actual app once. Then you can access any event you attend through the same app, as long as it is hosted by the same event company.

The app even has the ability to be interactive. As a result, users can leave constructive feedback and even ask questions. They may be able to register for prizes, discounts, and other events through the same app. Not only is this a wonderful organizational tool, but it can be helpful for marketing as well.

No matter what choices you make involving the inclusion of app technology, planning an event should never be taken lightly. Apps are just one of the numerous technology-based tools available to event planners. They can help your event run smoothly and improve your ability to collect the most accurate, useful feedback. If you need help planning your next event, contact the experts at Event Makers America at (952) 927-7541.